Sunday, December 18, 2016

Fortune Cookie Soap Magical Suitcase 12 Days of Christmas Box

Yay, my box is here just in time!!  Original estimated delivery was set to the 15th, after opening starts, but thankfully it came earlier!  I will post each item as I open, starting on the 14th!  This box is pretty huge and made to look like a suitcase.  It's Harry Potter/Fantastic Beasts themed so of course I had to have it!  Unfortunately it is no longer available, but I do highly recommend their Soap box.  Scroll down to see the products!

The Box

The Inside!

Here is what's inside!!

December 14th

The first product is Deep Conditioner in Bravery.  This has scents of nectarine, leafy greens, with woody undertones.

December 15th

The second product is Personal Space Air Freshener in Pumpkin Juice.  This smells so good.  This has scents of pumpkin, maple, cinnamon, vanilla, sugar and whipped cream.

December 16th

The third product I received is Whipped Cream in the scent Loyal.  I love their whipped creams, they're so moisturizing.  This has scents of peach, apricot, blackberries, mandarin, cinnamon, rose, and woodsy musk.

December 17th

The fourth product I received is a Perfume Oil in the scent Ambition.  This has scents of sandalwood, vanilla, amber and coconut.  Love!

December 18th

The 5th product I received is OCD Hand Sanitizer Spray in Wisdom.  The hand sanitizers are probably my least favorite item I get in these boxes, I just don't really use them.  This one has scents of meadows, clovers, and aloe.

December 19th

The 6th product I received is a Bath Bomb in The Seeker.  This is my favorite that I've received so far!  It smells so good and looks pretty!  This has scents of lemon and creamy colada.  Can't wait to use this!

December 20th

The 7th product I received is a Fortune Cookie Soap in the scent Rum Butter.  OMG, this smells so good, I want to eat it!  This has fragrances of rum and toffee.

December 21st

The 8th product I received is Cuticle Oil in rorriM ehT.  This smells like peppermint!  I'm so glad to get this, I need to use cuticle oil more often!

December 22nd

The 9th product I received is Body Wash in Unicorn Blood.  I'm almost out of body wash so I'm glad I got more!  This contains fragrances of sugar and foresty scents.

December 23rd

The 10th product I received was a Soy Candle in Fire Bolt.  I wasn't expecting a candle, and this is great!  This has scents of cream, pumpkin pie, hot spice and pecans.

December 24th

The 11th product I received was Bubbling Bath Oil in PJP.  This has a nice fruity smell, and looks almost toxic! LOL.  It has scents of oranges, grapefruit, strawberry, melon, peaches, kiwi and sugar. 

December 25th

The 12th I item I received, was an ornament!  This is so cute, I put it on my tree right away!

Overall, I really did enjoy this box!  It's so much fun opening a different compartment everyday and finding a great product!