Monday, September 23, 2013

Wantable Intimates Box - September 2013

Wantable Intimates Box

This is the first Intimates box from Wantable.  I have not tried their makeup or accessory boxes yet, but I have heard good things about those so I decided to try this new one.  Overall, I am pleased with what I received.  I love how this is personalized for you, and when you sign up, you take a quiz selecting which items you love, like, or dislike.  You will never get items you dislike and more likely to receive items you love.  Items that you may get include: socks, camis, tanks, underwear, bras, leggings, tights, accessories, etc.  The box is the same price as the other subscriptions, $36/month.

September 2013 Wantable Intimates Box

I received...

1.  Muk Luk Sabrina Tights - These are gray and I know it's a little hard to tell in the picture.  I love the color and how thick they are.  They are nice and casual, perfect for fall.

Value: $21

2.  Izabella Rib Tight in Plum - Another pair of tights.  I do like this purple color, but I don't have as much use for purple tights.  I'm hoping to find something I can wear with these.

Value: $19

3.  Sock It To Me Cherry Socks - I love fun socks and can never have enough of those.

Value: $11

4.  Mallory Thong in White - This is a pretty thong, and again, can never have too many pairs of underwear.

Value: $9

5.  Coobie Essential Thin Strap Cami in Heavenly Pink - This is a one-size fits all cami, but I wish it actually came in different sizes.  Although, it does fit pretty well, which is great.

Value: $20

This box has a value of $80!!!The only thing that I wish they would change is on the quiz they have tights and leggings listed together as one thing.  I labeled that I "Loved" tights/leggings (hence why I got two pairs of tights) because I love leggings.  I wear those all the time.  I just like tights, and I don't wear them often.  It would be nice if they could make tights and leggings separate.

I will definitely use most of these items, and will try to find a reason to wear those purple tights.  I'm hoping the October box will be better.  I would some loungewear because I'm home quite a bit.

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