Sunday, December 20, 2015

Fortune Cookie Soap 12 Days of Christmas Box

I was so excited to be able to buy this Fortune Cookie Soap 12 Days of Christmas Box!! It is now sold out, but the price was $50 (US).  There are 12 items (7 full-sized!) in previous, best-selling Nightmare Before Christmas themed scents.  Nightmare Before Christmas was the soap box subscription theme for Winter 2013.  Every item is individually wrapped, dating from the 14th of December to Christmas!  I will unwrap each item every day and add it here to this post.  Though this box has been sold out, I highly recommend their quarterly subscription box!

December 14th

On the first day, I received OCD Hand Sanitizer in the fragrance Easter Town.  It has scents of pink sugar and a little bit of black licorice.  Thankfully, it doesn't smell much like black licorice because I can't stand that candy.

December 15th

On the 2nd day, I received a Fortune Cookie Soap in Oogie Boogie (full size).  Normally I love all the soaps that I have gotten in previous FCS boxes, but this one is probably my least favorite.  The scent is decent, it includes a mix of berries and cinnamon, but it's not the most aesthetically pleasing.  It's a weird shade of greenish brown and contains a fake spider.  All Fortune Cookie Soaps come with a fortune inside which is fun!

December 16th

On the 3rd day, I received Whipped Cream in Halloween Town.  I love this scent!  Smells just like cookies!  Whipped Cream is basically FCS' version of body lotion.  It's very thick and moisturizing.

December 17th

On the 4th day, I received a Bath Bomb in Jack.  This item contains notes of lemon, menthol, woodland moss, and cranberries.  This is rather big, so I'll probably break it up when I use it.

December 18th

On the 5th day, I received Bubble Bath in Sally.  It has scents of cotton, breezes, leaves, and twine.  The fragrance, to me, smells fresh and clean.  It's pretty subtle, not overpowering.  Perfect for a relaxing bath.

December 19th

On the 6th day, I received Salve in Sandy Claws.  This is probably my least favorite item in the box so far.  It's not as useful or practical to me.  The scent is very nice, though, with a mix of chocolate and chai.  Yummy.

December 20th

On the 7th day, I received Personal Space in Lock, Shock & Barrel.  Personal Space is an air freshener.  This has scents of pine, spruce and spice.  It's the perfect holiday fragrance!  I will be spraying this all over the house.