Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 2013 Julep Maven Summer Nights Mystery Box

I wasn't planning on getting Julep's mystery box this month until I saw the two glitter polishes included in every box.  Julep Mystery boxes are $24.99 each, or for this month about $10 more you could of bought the Night and Day box combined.

Summer Nights Mystery Box Version 1

I received Version 1 of the Summer Nights Mystery box.  I got four polish colors in the box: Kyla, Monica (the two glitter polishes), Lucy and Ellie.  I also got Lip Vernis in Zinnia and Glycolic Hand Scrub sample. 

Monica, Kyle, Lucy, and Ellie
 Kyla, the orange glittery polish, is probably my favorite out of this box.  Ellie is light iridescent-looking pink, while Lucy is a very dark red, but at first I thought it was a brown shade.  Even though Lucy doesn't make me think of "summertime nights," it would make an excellent color to wear during the fall season.

Glycolic Hand Scrub Sample and Lip Vernis in Zinnia
 I can always use a good hand scrub since I have dry hands quite frequently.  That and some good hand lotion helps a lot.  At first I thought that the lip gloss would be too dark, but this is a perfect color to wear in the fall too.  I think it would match nicely with the Lucy polish.

Here is a swatch of Zinnia...

Overall, I think I got a pretty good box.  Even though I didn't get one of the really big boxes like some lucky people, I'm happy with my box.  The retail value is about $73.  Still a good deal.

You can sign up for the monthly box for $19.99/month.

Invitation Code: 16749656

July 2013 Julep Maven Box

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