Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Ellie Fit Fashionista Club

I just signed up for the Ellie Fit Fashionista Club. It is a fitness subscription service where you can choose two pieces of workout clothing for $49.95/month or one LE piece for the same price.  I just signed up today because I'm looking for new workout clothing and I heard good things about this.

They come out with a new collection every month.  For September the name of the collection is called "Down to Earth."

Here are the new pieces...

You can mix and match, meaning you can choose whatever top and bottom you want unless it's an LE item.  I chose the Lotus Flower Love Tank and the Downward Dog Capri.  A value of $139.90!!!  They look like such good quality pieces and I can't wait to start working out again in these!

Sign up here!!