Thursday, February 6, 2014

Bonjour Jolie - February 2014 (For the Love of Chocolate)

One of my favorite boxes just arrived, Bonjour Jolie!  This is a monthly period subscription box that only costs $16/month + shipping (for US customers.)  They do ship international!  Not only do you get tampons and pads etc, but you get to choose the brands you like.  They also send food, pampering items, and a gift!

This month's box is very Valentine's Day-themed.  I love how they packaged this box with pink and red colors; it's part of the fun!

Bonjour Jolie February 2014

I chose U by Kotex brand for tampons and pads.  This has been my favorite for quite a long time.

The Gift

The Gift

Silver Heart Locket Necklace ($16) - This necklace is pretty! I love the design on the heart; you can put a picture inside if you want to.  I love when they send jewelry in these boxes!

The Edibles

The Edibles

Russell Stover Chocolate ($1) - This is a heart shape truffle chocolate.  I ate this right away.  I was hoping to receive chocolate in this box and I'm so glad I did!

Double Decker Moon Pie ($1) - I haven't had one of these in years so I'm happy to get one!  I didn't even know that this has been a traditional sweet eaten during Mardis Gras for the past 50 years!  You learn something every day.  This consists of marshmallow, graham cracker, and dark chocolate.  Yummy.

Stash Chocolate Teas ($1.50) - More tea!  I got the flavors: Chocolate Mint Oolong Tea, Red Velvet Herbal Tea, and Chocolate Hazlenut Tea.

Also, I received Tootsie Rolls and Dove Chocolates.

The Pampering

The Pampering

New Zealand Chocolate Truffle Bath Salts ($3) - I love these bath salts and they're chocolate-scented! Wish I could eat it, lol.  They're made with 100% pure New Zealand Pacific Sea Salt.

Chocolate Lip Balm ($4) - I got another lip balm by Bonjour Jolie and I just love these!  This one contains scents of chocolate and cocoa butter.

Chocolate Decadence Candles ($1) - These are soy candles scented in chocolate.  I always love getting candles!

Chocolate Minted Hand Soaps ($1) - These are made with natural ingredients of mint and chocolate essential oils.  These have come at a good time because I'm running out of hand soaps!

Epielle Feminine Wipes ($1) - These are flushable wipes that perfect that time of the month.  I love getting these types of things because they always make me feel refreshed.

Also, I received two packets of Advil per usual.

The total value of this box is $29 (not including tampons/pads and advil.)  I'm never concerned with getting more for my money with this box.  If I get items that are helpful during that time of the month, or just anytime in general, then I will be happy.  I've never been disappointed in any of these boxes and I'm sure I won't ever be!

As usual, I'm looking forward to the next month! Sign up here!!!