Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Book Review: Anna Dressed in Blood

Since I've become more into reading, I decided to add occasional book reviews to this blog.  Here is my first attempt at a "review."

Anna Dressed in Blood

I gave this book 2/5 stars on Goodreads, but in reality I would actually give it a 1.75/5.  All I can say is that thankfully I bought this book used, and was able to trade it in at 2nd & Charles. This book has a pretty good rating (3.99), but I didn't care for it.  I never expected this book to scare me, as it is YA, but I would have liked it to at least give me the chills a little bit.  I wasn't phased...at all.  The only interesting things about this book is the cover and dark-red printed text inside.

Anna seemed to be the only developed character in the book.  There was a lot of information about Cas that was missing, mainly his past and why Anna spares his life, but kills others.  I felt a bit bored with this book and found myself not wanting to read it.  The only characters I remotely liked were Thomas and his grandfather.  Cas started out to be such a conceited guy, but he seemed to change later on.

This is a duology.  The second book, Girl of Nightmares, I have no intention of reading.  If it wasn't for my Goodreads challenge, I probably wouldn't have finished this.


The romance that Cas and Anna have is the most ridiculous part in this book.  Cas is the only person she hadn't tried to kill that came into her house and it is never revealed why.   It was nice to see that the main character and supporting character, Carmel weren't romantically linked, which seems to be typical in most books.  Though I would of probably preferred that over that laughable ghostly romance.  How you can you make out with a ghost?  Seriously.  

When we first meet Anna, she is quite terrifying.  Later on when she isn't bound to her house anymore, she is nice.  Pretty lame.

I also didn't understand the connection between Cas' knife and the villain (not Anna, but someone else.)  Either it was not explained much at all or I totally missed it.  Maybe this is explained in Girl of Nightmares, but I don't intend to find out.