Friday, August 23, 2013

Starlooks Starbox - August 2013

This month's Starlooks Starbox is a Special Edition box featuring Natalie Corona, a makeup Guru and Youtuber.  She specifically picked these products colors.  Also, this month's box is mermaid-themed.

August 2013 Starlooks Starbox
Starlooks Starbox is only $15/month plus tax.  You always get full-sized makeup products!

In this month's Starbox, I received:

1. Glitter Glam in "Emerald" - I have never owned a glitter before, as a makeup product, so I'm excited to have this!  This is not a pigment, but just straight up glitter.  I'm not sure how to apply it to my lids as a shadow so it stays put.  Can anyone help, lol?

Value - $17

2-3.  Infinity Lipsticks in "Eons" and "Endless" - "Eons" is in a matte finish and "Endless" is in a Satin finish.  I do like the shades of these lipsticks.  They are basic everyday colors though, nothing too exciting, but the colors are pretty and of good quality.  Both would work well with the "Emerald" Glitter Glam.

Value - $15/each

Also, the included a "Mermaid Prism," as an extra, which is heavier then I thought it would be.  I'm not sure what I will do with it yet, but I do think it is pretty.  And of course the tiny crystal.

Here are swatches...

"Emerald" Glitter Glam, "Endless" Infinity Lipstick, and "Eons" Infinity Lipstick
I know these aren't the best swatches, and I basically just dumped the glitter onto my arm because I didn't know how to apply it so it sticks.  Oh well, lol.

The total value of this box is $47!!!  I'm happy with this box because I will use all the products, including the glitter whenever I figure out how to use it.  Can't wait for September's box and the Birthday box, since September is my Birthday month!

July 2013 Starlooks Starbox