Tuesday, October 8, 2013

My Modcloth Stylish Surprise

I got my Modcloth Stylish Surprise yesterday, plus another item I just had to purchase.

I love this dress.  I don't know when I will wear it, but hopefully in the future it will get some use.  I may only wear this in the fall/winter time if I wear it with a sweater.  Otherwise, this seems more appropriate for spring/summer.

I love the buttons on the back, and how it opens up in the lower back area.  I couldn't find this on their site, but at least I know it's more than what I paid for it!

While debating on if I should pay for a mystery item, I ended up seeing this cardigan that I just had to have...

I love the ruffles on this cardigan, and this will look so nice with a long tunic top, leggings, and boots.  This is the Sesame Chic Cardigan and it's $59.99.