Saturday, December 21, 2013

Bonjour Jolie - December 2013 ('Tis The Season)

This month's Bonjour Jolie theme is 'Tis The Season.  Bonjour Jolie is a period box where they send you with your choice in pads, tampons, etc up to the amount of 25.  The boxes also come with items such as snacks, teas or other drinks, beauty products, and a special gift!  This is one of my favorite subscription box services.   It only costs $16/month plus shipping.  Subscribers don't have accounts, but if you need to ask or a question or anything, their customer service is amazing!

December 2013 Bonjour Jolie box

I love how everything is packaged this month.  It's so festive! I'm going out of town on Monday, the 23rd, and was worried I wasn't going to get my box in time for Christmas!  Thankfully, it showed up today.

The Gift - $16

The gift this month is a Silver Snowflake Jingle Bells Bracelet.  At first I thought that this could be something cute I could wear Christmas day until I put it on...

This bracelet is huge on me, but I'm not surprised because I have abnormally small wrists.  That's why I don't typically wear bracelets like this.  It very easily can slip off.  It is really cute though, and it really jingles!  I'm hoping  I can figure out how to wear this.

The Edibles

The Edibles
SteenLand Chocolate Snowflake Coins - This is made by a chocolatier in the Netherlands.  Chocolate coins have been traditionally given at Christmas and Hanukkah since 270 AD! These are good and I'm so happy to be getting chocolate!

Sweet Dreams Hot Cocoa Mix - I got two packets of cocoa mix in Dark Chocolate and Cinnamon.  I just love hot chocolate.  I'm not a coffee person, so this is what I usually drink, besides tea.  I can't wait to try this!

Ghirardelli Chocolates - More chocolate!  I received two chocolates in Milk and White Chocolate, Peppermint Bark, and Peppermint Bark with Dark Chocolate.  These are already gone!  I especially love chocolate and mint together.

A couple of mints were also included.

The Pampering

The Pampering

Peppermint Lip Balm ($4) - Bonjour Jolie has started to make their own lip balms and is made with mostly organic ingredients.  It is a lightly scented lip balm, which is nice, and it's also very moisturizing.

Vanilla Sugar Scrub Lip Treatment ($4) - This lip scrub has also been made by Bonjour Jolie.  I tried it out, but I didn't get any exfoliation whatsoever.  It smells nice, but I it didn't do anything other than moisturize.  Sugar is listed on the side of the tube as one of the ingredients.  I will try it again because maybe there wasn't any sugar in the product on the surface.  If all else fails, I have another lip balm.  I can always use one more!

Crocheted Face Scrubby by Sam's Crochet - This is handmade with 100% cotton. These are used to exfoliate your face or to remove eye makeup.  I'm taking this thing with me on my trip!

Gingerbread Scented Candles - Bonjour Jolie also designed these candles for the Holidays!  These do really smell like gingerbread and I'm going to start burning these ASAP!

Summer's Eve Feminine Wipes - These are perfect to carry around in my purse!

Also included were two packets of Advil.

I'm very pleased with this month's Bonjour Jolie box, as always.  I loved the packaging and that makes everything much more exciting in my opinion!  I can't wait to see what comes in January's box!

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