Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Fabletics - March 2014

Fabletics is a fitness subscription where every month, VIP's can either choose to get an outfit or skip.  You have until the 10th of that month to decide.  If you don't skip or purchase, you will still be charged, but will get 1 credit toward an outfit in the future.  Outfits start out at $49.95 + free shipping!  Members will receive points for ordering outfits, doing reviews or getting referrals.  Once you reach 1,000 points, you can get a free outfit!  Also, members will get 50% off their first purchase!  I love this subscription because fitness clothing is generally on the expensive side and it's nice to get cute, quality workout clothing for a lesser price.  Sign up here!

This month's Fabletics collection is called, "Breaking the Pattern."  I ordered the style called "Tuck."  I chose the Omnee Tank in Building Block Print and the Zanzibar Crop in Black.  This outfit is originally $69.90, but I got it for $49.95.

Image Credit: Fabletics.com

Omnee Tank, front

Omnee Tank, back

What I love about the color of this tank, is the geometric pattern.  I wanted a colorful, fun looking top.  This tank also has a built-in-bra and the asymmetrical design straps on the back.

Zanzibar Crop

I also chose the Zanzibar Crop pants in Black.  They are actually lighter in person than I thought they would be, with a worn-look to them.  These are not only great for working out in, but also to wear around the house when it gets warmer.

I am so close to getting my first free outfit!  I only need 12 more points!

*Disclaimer:  This post contains referral links.