Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Bonjour Jolie - July 2014 (Honey, You and I Are Meant to Be!)

"For July, we celebrate the maker of exquisite honey, the humble honey bee!"

This is probably one of my favorite Bonjour Jolie boxes so far, and I've been a subscriber for over a year!  This month is all about the honey bee.

Bonjour Jolie is a monthly, period subscription box where you will receive a choice of tampons/pads, a gift, pampering items, and edible items!  The box is $16 + $5 for shipping & handling.  They also ship internationally, but shipping is more ($10 for Canada, and $16 for the rest of the world.)  You can also get a one-time box for $20, and there is also an option to get the box without feminine protection for only $10!  This is one of my favorite subscriptions so I highly recommend it, and they also have great customer service!  Sign up here!!

Here is this month's box...

July 2014 Bonjour Jolie Box

One of the things I love about this box is the packaging.  It's different from month to month and it feels like I'm opening a present!

The Gift...

Bee and Amber Honey Drop Necklace ($24) - I absolutely love this item!  This is a handmade necklace with an antiqued brass bee and an amber topaz.  The chain is super long, which I love.  This came from an Etsy store called "Le Chaim," and there are a lot of beautiful pieces for sale including this one!

The Pampering...

Sparkling Organic Honeycomb Soap ($3) - This handmade soap is made with real honey and 24k Gold Mica!  It's hard to tell from the picture, but it really does sparkle.  

Honey Infusion Lotion Bar ($3) - This is a handmade lotion bar made with honey, beeswax, and organic oils.  All you have to do is rub it in your hands so it slightly melts.  This requires no water!

Honey Almond Bath Oil Beads ($5) - These beads are filled with premium natural oils to soften skin.  I love bath products and I have so many of them, so I need to start taking more baths!

Organic Honey Vanilla Lip Balm ($5) - I love lip balms, especially the ones that Bonjour Jolie makes, so I was so happy to be getting another one!  You can never have too many =).

The Edibles...

Betterbee Sweet Honey Candy ($1.50) - These delicious candies are made with real honey and come in flavors such as: Honey, Honey Lemon, Apple, and Pomegranate!

Joyva Honey Sesame Crunch ($1) - This was actually a 3,000 year old recipe that was tweaked in 1907.  I've never heard of these, but I've had a couple and they are so, so good!  No wonder the recipe has been around forever!

Glorybee Flavored Honey Sticks ($1) - I love putting honey in my tea, especially when I fill under-the-weather.  These honey sticks come infused orange, watermelon, and peach flavors.  I can't wait to try these!

Nature Valley Granola Bar ($1) - I've had these granola bars before and they make an excellent snack!

Davidson's Honey Tea ($1.60) - All these teas are made with a bit of honey in each bag.

In every box, subscribers will also get a couple of packets of Advil and feminine wipes as well.  My most favorite items in this box have to be the necklace (obviously!), and the honeycomb soap!  I can't wait to see what's in store for August!