Sunday, July 20, 2014

FabFitFun VIP - Summer Edition 2014

This is my third FabFitFun box and my least favorite.  Although I got plenty of items that are useful, it just wasn't as exciting as the previous two I received.  I've also noticed that Giuliana Rancic is nowhere to be found on the website.  What happened to her?

FabFitFun is a quarterly box that costs $49.99.  This months box had a value of $225+ and includes items in fashion, fitness, beauty, and wellness.

I have an exclusive coupon code, if you sign up to get the summer box, you get $15 off!  Just use code 5679247 when you sign up!  Hurry before they run out!!

Summer 2014 Edition

1.  Sonya Dakar Flash Facial ($95) - This is a supposed "miracleworker" that in just 60 seconds, you will have softer, plumper, and younger - looking skin.  I plan on trying this tonight to see how it goes.

2. pur~lisse pur~protect SPF 90 ($55) - Although I do like this moisturizer, I'm so sick of seeing this in every subscription box.  It was recently featured in Vogue as the Editor's Favorite Summer Product.  I already have a couple of full-sizes and deluxe sample sizes, plus many other face moisturizers.  I'm pretty much set for a long time.  Please no more pur~lisse!

3.  Thursday Friday Away Mini Clutch/Makeup Bag ($35) - I do like this, but I highly doubt I will use it as a makeup bag.  I can just see myself getting makeup on it like I do on any other case put my makeup in because it's canvas.   I will most likely use this to organize other items to keep in my purse.  Patterns varied.

4.  Balanced Guru No Frizz Oil ($25) - This is very helpful when it comes to frizz.  I don't have a whole lot, only a little bit in summer.   This supposedly doesn't weigh down your hair, but that seems to be somewhat of a problem with me with hair oils.  Hopefully, it works well for my hair.

5.  Zoya Nail Polish ($9) - I haven't even heard much about Zoya until I started subscribing to beauty boxes a year ago.  I do like nail polish a lot, but I'm just not that excited about this color.  The color is called "Maya" and is a bit more coral-looking in real life.  It is wearable for any occasion, but I prefer something more "fun."  Like neon.

6.  KISSTIXX Lip Balm ($5.99) - I got two lip balms in "compatible" scents: Strawberry and Chocolate.  Those are definitely compatible, and it makes me want a chocolate covered strawberry right now.  They both smell really good and very moisturizing.  I can never have too many lip balms! Scents varied.

7.  FabFitFun Water Infuser BPA-free Water Bottle ($15) - I guess this is considered to be the "fitness" portion of the box.  Of course water infusers are great, but I really didn't need another one.  I already received one in my Popsugar box not that long, but I already ordered one from Blogilates (which is awesome and highly recommend purchasing one) previous to that.  I suppose I could always use another one if my other two are dirty.

8.  POPchips ($1.29) - I love getting food in boxes especially when it tastes good is semi-healthy.

These are all sponsored items:  Skintimate Shave Gel (good size for traveling), Always Xtra Protection Long Daily Liners, and a Slimfast Have Your Cake...Meal Bar (another food item, yay!)

Overall, I do have gripes about this box, but still have use for everything.  What I don't use, I will gift.  I'm looking forward to the Fall box!  I'm pretty much over Summer so anything Fall sounds great to me!