Saturday, August 16, 2014

Scratch Monthly Mani - August 2014

Each month, a featured artist is selected.  The artist designs three sets of nail wraps; and fun extras are added as well.  The boxes cost $30/month + free shipping (or an additional $8/shipping for international subscribers.)  You have the options of skipping or gifting your box if you don't like what you see.  After your first initial box, you will receive a sneak peek on the 20th of every month to help you decide if you'd like to get/skip/gift it.   

This month's featured artist is Jenni from I SPY DIY.  She has a lot of fun DIY projects on her blog.

Here is the box...

My favorite nail wraps this month, have to be the Dia de Meuertos.  I have always loved neon shades.

This month's nail wraps are:  Tulum Treasure, Dia de Muertos, and Summer Serapa.  Each set of nail wraps are $12 if you want to buy them separately. 

Here are this month's tools and accents:  glitter, Daily Charme charms, and glue.  The Tulem Treasure wraps were purposely made more simple so the mermaid glitter (they look like fish scales!) and sea charms can be used.  It's hard to tell from the picture, but there are five charms: a mermaid, two seashells, and two starfish.  I'm a little sad that the mermaid charm is a little too small for any of my fingernails at the moment.  I do have small nails, so I will have to grow them out longer.  These items right here are what really convinced me to get the August box!

Each monthly box also comes with a surprise gift!  This a Central America print pouch, perfect for keeping leftover nail wraps in!

September's featured artist will be Ren Ariel Sano who has a jewelry line called Good Girl Jewelry.  She creates magical and mystical pieces.  I'm sure I will be getting this box!

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