Friday, August 15, 2014

Would You Rather: Book Edition (Book Tag)

I decided to do this Book Tag I found on Youtube...

Would you rather...

1. Read only trilogies or stand alones ?  Probably Trilogies.  I love books that are in a series and I think I would get more tired of reading stand alones.

2. Read only female or male authors?  Considering most of my books are by female authors, I suppose I would choose female.  

3. Shop at Barnes & Noble or Amazon?  This is hard because I love going to bookstores, but Amazon is always cheaper in price.  If I had to choose, I would pick Amazon because I do buy a lot more online than I do at an actual bookstore.  I rather spend less money and get more books.

4. All books become movies or TV shows?  Movies definitely.  More books would be best suited as movies because you can only stretch out a TV show adapted from a book so far.

5. Read 5 pages per day or 5 books per week?  5 books a week even though that's completely impossible for me.  It would take forever for me to read through my TBR pile only reading 5 pages a day.  It already takes me long enough!

6. Be a professional reviewer or author?  Considering I don't review books, I'd choose author.  I've actually contemplated writing a book.

7. Only read your top 20 favorite books over and over or always read new ones that you haven't read before?  Always read new ones.  So far, I haven't wanted to reread anything I've read.

8. Be a librarian or book seller?  Librarian.  I love old, beat-up books.  Plus, there's just something nice about a library.

9. Only read your favorite genre, or every genre except your favorite?  Favorite genre.  If I chose to read everything but my favorite, then it would be hard to not read my favorite.  Technically, I don't even have a favorite at the moment.

10. Only read physical books or eBooks?  Physical.  I love having actual copies of books, holding them in my hands and seeing them on my bookshelf.  I've never read eBooks and have no interest in ever doing so.