Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday

This is my first Top Ten Tuesday!  It's a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.  This weeks theme is: "Ten Characters I'd name a child/dog/cat/car/etc. after."

10 Characters I'd name a child/pet after:

1.  Feyre - This is literally probably the only name that I've come across in a book that I would actually name a child.  It is so pretty.

This reminded me of another favorite of mine, Freya.

2.  Liv - This name makes me think of Liv Tyler, but I've always liked it because it's unique and simple.  Though, it could be a nickname, I like just like it is.

3.  Kestrel - At first, this one of those names that I wasn't sure if I liked or not.  Not even sure if it's a "real" name or something that was made up for the book.  The more I read The Winner's Curse, the more I grew to like it. 

4.  Winter - I've definitely heard of this name before, but I've always found it pretty.  I think I've only come across one in my life.  I knew of three sisters once when I was younger, that were named Winter, Autumn and Summer.  I used to think that was really cool.

5.  Nora - I remember reading A Doll's House in high school and then again recently to help catch up with my goodreads goal last year.  I still like this name.

6.  Scarlet - I've liked this name since watching Gone with the Wind, but since I've never actually read the book, I'm using Scarlet from the Lunar Chronicles as my example. 

7.  Clary - I know this is a nickname and her real name is Clarissa (which was a name I used to like), but I just like the nickname better. 

8.  Lissa - It was really hard for me to come up with any more names, but I thought this was a decent one.

9.  Hermione - Definitely starting to reach on this one.  I picked it because it's unique and it's kind of nice.

10.  Tris - I can't stand the name Beatrice, but I do like the nickname 'Tris.'

This was pretty difficult for me to come up with 10.  I'm rather picky when it comes to naming a child; I like uncommon, real, non-trendy, not-in-the-top-100-list kind of person.  For pets, doesn't matter.   You're probably wondering why no boy name? LOL, well there hasn't been a boy name that I've come across yet that I've liked.