Saturday, August 17, 2013

Birchbox: Finishing School - August 2013

This month's theme for Birchbox is "Finishing School," even though this month's products are about "finishing touches," that really doesn't apply to all of the products I've received.  Sign up to Birchbox for only $10/month!

I am pretty happy with the products I received this month...

Lipstick, Peel, and Base Coat

1.  ModelCo Party Proof Lipstick - I wanted this lipstick last month, but glad that I got it in August's box.  This is one of my favorite items this month!  I got it in the color "Kitty," which seems to be the one a lot of people want.  This lipstick comes with two other shades.

Value is $8

2.  Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive - This is my other favorite item in this month's box!  I just love peels.  Even though this is called a peel, you don't actually peel it off.  For this one, you just need to rinse.

Value is $4.88

3.  Dreams Nail Lacquer D's Calcium Base Coat -  This base strengthens nails and helps with discoloration.  Apparently it's suppose to extend your mani life.  We will see...can't wait to try it!

Value...not sure.

Foot Wipes and Tea

4.  Jasmine Seven Fresh Feet Wipes - I never really saw the point of these.  Maybe if you live in NYC and are always walking around on that incredibly dirty ground, I can see the need or these.  I will keep these and maybe they will come in handy some day.

Value is $1.33

Lifestyle Extra

5.  Ahmad Tea London Assorted Teas - I love tea so I'm always happy to get it.  I got it in the flavors "Earl Grey" and "Peach & Passion Fruit."  I have never tried this brand before.

Value is $0.35

The total is at least $15, and I wish I got more for my money, but I'm still happy with what I received overall. I'm looking forward to next month!

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