Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Le Metier de Beaute - December 2013

I love how Le Metier de Beaute's boxes are sent at the beginning of the month.  I like how they packaged this month's product...

So far, items have been in black boxes, but this month they came in a red box with silver packing material.  Very festive!

The December box had only one item: a Kaleidoscope Face Kit in Cheeky Chic.  This probably retails for $95 since other eyeshadow, lip, and face kits retail for the same.

This quad looks like it comes with two blushes, and a bronzer and highlighter for contouring.  There is also a mirror included. The taupe color is pretty light, so I think it will only look best as a bronzer for those with lighter skin tones.  It could be used as a blush also I'm sure or even an eyeshadow.


I'm so happy to have received a product like this this month because I have been looking out for new blushes etc.  This is also perfect for traveling.  I'm always looking for new items to bring with me on vacations since I typically go on about three a year (mostly to visit family in Georgia.) I didn't get the blush kit in the August box, I got a lip one.  Now, I'm hoping to get a eyeshadow Kaleidoscope soon!

I'm very pleased with what I received this month, and looking forward to January.

Le Metier de Beaute is not open to new subscribers.  There was only a certain time people could sign up and we had to pay for the whole year in advance.